Simple self-care practices for better mental health

Posted October 10, 2023

A woman works from home, working on a computer, and drinks coffee while relaxing from her work in her standing living room for better mental health.

The world keeps moving fast, and sometimes it's hard to keep up with the pace as we chase after deadlines, goals, and the demands of daily life. Despite this, it's essential to always prioritize yourself, especially in regard to mental health. Mental health awareness has become more significant in recent years, especially among students and young professionals.  

Common challenges surrounding it include figuring out how to talk to parents about mental health and how to remain healthy despite the busyness of everyday life. In light of this, here are some simple ways you can improve self-care for better mental health from the comforts of your own unit or your own home. 

Set work and school boundaries 

As the saying goes - you do not find time, you make time. Establish your schedule for your work or studies. Fix your hours to separate your work or study time from your personal time to prevent or reduce burnout or depression at work or at school. A proper daily routine can create stability in your everyday life balance. 

Exercise regularly

a muscular man running on a thread mill for better mental health

Exercise is an important aspect of a person's daily life for many reasons, such as reducing stress, losing weight, and improving both mental relaxation and stimulation.

The best part is that it can be done anywhere, from utilizing condo amenities like the gym and the swimming pool, to stretching and walking around the office, to even doing simple workouts in between studying or working from home. 

Maintain a balanced diet and stay hydrated 

high angle fish vegetables fruits for better physical and mental health

Watch what you eat! A healthy diet will help you think clearly and sharply, which will be a big help when the going gets tough, especially when living independently in your own unit.

Avoid too sugary and processed foods and instead incorporate nutritious fruits, vegetables, and healthy alternatives into your daily meals. Constant hydration of water is encouraged, as it helps us think clearly and regulate our mood to lift our spirits. 

Limit your screen time and do digital detox  

If you're living alone, it's easy to be idle in the comforts of your own unit. Being glued to screens is inevitable since computers and smartphones are vital for productive activities, social interactions, and recreational activities.

However, it's no secret that there are drawbacks, like internet and gaming addictions, doom scrolling through social media feeds, and, as the kids say, being "chronically online" that activity on the net influences real-life personalities too much. Make time to disconnect, turn off your phones, and relax to give your mind a proper mental break. 

Write down your feelings 

A young woman is managing her work schedule and her personal diary, taking notes while working on her laptop.

If you're confused about what you're feeling and thinking mentally, sometimes putting them into words can help you understand them clearly. Sitting down at your personal desk, opening a lamp, and jotting down your thoughts can be what you need after a long day's work.

Putting it down on a document or a journal gives you more awareness and, eventually, clarity on what you feel and why you feel it. Not only is it cathartic emotionally, but it helps your mind process your experiences and provides a release from constant overthinking and uncertainty. 

Listen to the music you love 

a young musician playing guitar in his condo unit for better mental health

We all have our favorite musicians and music genres. This also helps immensely in improving our mental health. They can serve as an escape when you feel stressed, lowering anxiety and burnout.

They can help boost mood and encourage a release of feelings suppressed inside. Listening to music helps lift the mood when studying or working from home or the office. Who knows - maybe a lyric or two can be the pick-me-up you need to get through your day.  

Engage in activities inside and outside your condo 

A young woman painting on a canvas

If you live independently, condo living can have many opportunities to improve your mental health, from inviting friends for a hangout in your unit to exploring the many restaurants and spots outside your condo.

You can also spend some me time writing or painting to release emotions. Reorganize your furniture around your house. Have a movie night together with friends. Go for a food tour around the area. The possibilities are endless!

Mental health should be a priority for everyone, and it is incredibly healthy that it is being openly talked about by more people in a school or work setting. With constant and healthy methods to practice self-care, a healthier and happier life will be achieved.