7 ways to stay fit and healthy when you return to work or school

Posted November 24, 2021

Asian woman stretching after reading book and work hard and smiling in the home officeAs the country starts to ease lockdown restrictions, here’s how to stay healthy and achieve your fitness goals as you return to work or school.

After more than a year of the COVID-19 pandemic, we see a lot of changes in the way people perceive both physical and mental health. Working remotely has made some people more mindful of their well-being as they’ve found more time for sleep, preparation of healthy meals, and establishing productivity routines. 

But as more and more people are getting vaccinated and infection rates are decreasing that led to the easing of lockdown restrictions, many people are starting to resume “normal” activities. People are starting to travel or meet up with friends and family.  Schools are starting to welcome students back to face-to-face classes, and on-site work has resumed for various offices and industries.  

The transition from virtual classes and work-from-home arrangements to going back on-site is challenging and keep people from prioritizing their fitness goals at this time which is just as important. 

As the shift in set-up happens, here are some tips to help you stay fit and healthy as you head back to work or school:

1. Establish your return to work or school routine 

Some people may have gotten accustomed to having extra hours of sleep and waking up right before work from home or classes start. But if you’re about to go back to physical reporting, you’ll need extra time for preparation and travel. One way to get ready for this adjustment is to establish your new routine early. At least two weeks prior, train your mind and body to simulate your new onsite schedule. This way, you have time to adapt your pace to the change.

2. Plan your meals

Being away from home means, you have less time to make homecooked meals. Thus, it might be easy to resort to fast food deliveries in the office or munching on junk food. This is why you have to exercise control and plan your meals. For lunch, go for balanced meals like rice with tuna or chicken with salad. Opt for high-protein, low-calorie snacks like fruits and nuts. Keep in mind that nutritious food not only make you physically fit but also sustain your focus and energy levels throughout the day. You can also save money by bringing packed food to work and at the same time, lessen your risk of exposure from deliveries.

3. Drink up

One way to keep your mood and productivity up whether you’re working from home or onsite is to hydrate regularly. This will help you be more active and avoid feeling sluggish and irritable. Bring a large water bottle to work so you can keep track of your water consumption for the day.

4. Find alternate ways to get active

Being sedentary for a long time has lots of detrimental effects to one’s health. So even when busy with workload, people should find ways to do quick physical activities. One of the easy ways to do this is to stand up from your chair and do stretches. There are a lot Youtube videos on exercises to combat the aches from sitting in an office the whole day. You can also opt to take the stairs when you can to get some cardio. Stand up and walk to refill your water, check-in on a colleague, or go to the restroom. Not only will these help relieve muscle strain, but will also help improve your overall mood.  

If you’re working from home, you can try integrating fun workout alternatives like dancing, yoga, or even Zumba. If you live in a condo with premium amenities like 3Torre Lorenzo, you can also try maximizing your building’s amenities during your days off to relax.

Artist's perspective of 3Torre Lorenzo's lap pool Artist perspective of 3Torre Lorenzo’s lap pool in Malate, Manila

5. Take a break outside

The health benefits of outdoor time are plenty. Get out when you can and breathe fresh air. This will help you re-energize and get motivated upon return to work. One way to maximize your time outdoors is to do meditation exercises while on it. There are mobile apps that you can use for guided meditation practice for as short as 3 minutes. Doing quick meditation exercises outdoors will do wonders for your mind and body.

Of course, when going outdoors, you should not forget to observe the standard safety measures like wearing a mask and distancing yourself from crowds as much as possible. Going outside can simply mean stepping out of your balcony or going to your building’s garden and amenities.

6. Go to bed early

Make it a habit to go to bed early. Quality sleep will help your body recharge and keep your immune system healthy amidst the changes in your schedule. This is attainable if you live close to where you work or study, like how Torre Lorenzo Malate is near hospitals and schools, or how Torre Lorenzo Loyola is near universities such as Ateneo, Mirriam College, and University of the Philippines. This means less time dedicated for travel and traffic in the new normal, so you’ll have more time for rest. 

7. Keep your guard up

Living in the new normal means always following health protocols. Whether in the office or in school: keep your mask up, wash your hands, and do social distancing as much as you can. Avoid high-touch surfaces likes doorknobs and elevator buttons. Remember that taking precautions is as important now as it was at the onset of the pandemic.

The bottom line is that while the country is gradually opening up, we should always make our mental and physical health a priority. 

As more people head back to regular activities, it may be a sensible decision to live close to where you work or study so that you spend less time on the road and more time doing things that matter most.

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