Selecting the perfect condo amenity to suit your lifestyle

Posted September 20, 2023

More people are entering into new phases of their lives, whether you're a student going to college or a young professional in on-site, work-from-home, or hybrid workplaces. As you begin the independent life in staying in your own place, there are some distinct lifestyles that you'd like to maintain. Thankfully, condo amenities are aplenty and a key factor in continuing your way of life. Here are some of the best amenities to look out for when hunting for your ideal condo lifestyle!

Boost your Productivity 

a condo amenity resident's lounge with chairs and a table

Whether it is to study for exams, to research for papers, or to work on semester-long group projects, sometimes it's best to spend time alone in a place to focus. For the studious lifestyle, your condo's study lounge is the ideal place to hunker down and focus your full attention on your academics without the noise of fellow students or the city traffic.

It's also a great place to relax and detach from the rest of the world, satisfying your "me time." Aside from studying, it can also be a place to work on personal projects such as writing pieces and blogs, as well as a viable work-from-home place for young professionals in a hybrid setup. For example, the residents' lounge in Torre Lorenzo Malate grants places for both individuals and groups to focus on studies with a gorgeous view of Manila Bay, while the study lounge of 3Torre Lorenzo features distinct individual stalls, dimmed for a relaxing, quiet atmosphere to commit your full attention to whatever you're working on.

Begin your "Active" era

a condo amenity with treadmills and exercise machines

Everyone needs proper daily exercise, especially as you begin living by yourself in college or work. Thankfully, condo living is beneficial to fitness buffs because most condos have built-in fitness areas from gyms to pools.

Whether you are looking to just lose weight or run a marathon, Torre Lorenzo knows that their residents want to pursue active condo lifestyles, hence the inclusion of top-of-the-line equipment in fitness centers and large swimming pools in all their properties. Torre Lorenzo Central, for example, has a half-basketball court for those who want to shoot their daily hoops, while Dusit Thani Residence Davao has a personal reservation-only fitness area for residents to have fitness equipment and the large, crystal-clear pool to themselves at their own pace.

Fuel your passion for dance

a condo amenity large dance studio with a wood floor surrounding it with glasses

We Filipinos love dancing. It's a fun activity and a challenge to experience, while others pursue it as a passion. These are places for students to practice for organization dance teams, for dance classes to be held for beginners, and for workers to practice for their office Christmas parties.

Some condos have dance practice rooms that can be rented out for practices and dance classes, such as the large dance studio at 3Torre Lorenzo which is located near De La Salle University that students can rent out to perfect those dance moves. The studio is also spacious and flexible enough that it can be used not just for dance classes, but also for yoga or pilates.

Bond with your furry friends

a small white dog wearing a blue shirt at a condo amenity pet park

Paw parents find happiness in the presence of their adorable pets that they bring with them wherever they go. Many condos have thankfully become more pet-friendly, especially allowing pets inside units and being located near vets, pet stores, and other pet-friendly establishments like malls.

Modern condos now have their very own pet parks, where unit owners can have fun and make special memories with their furry friends. Torre Lorenzo Loyola has a pet park located atop the building, marking TLDC's first-ever pet park and giving more Katipunan-based students and young professionals opportunities to sit back and play with man's best friends and socialize with other fluffy pets.

Embrace your inner peace

a swimming pool condo amenity with a building in the background

Need to get away from the daily grind? Go for condos with amenities that encourage a quiet and peaceful lifestyle, especially in places far away from bustling cities. The upcoming Crown Residences in Davao has a yoga and meditation garden for those who wish to refresh their bodies and minds. Tierra Lorenzo Lipa, located in the cool, quiet, and peaceful vibes of Batangas, is perfect for the elderly and empty nesters to stay, with many open areas and a pavilion among its amenities for people to enjoy a relaxing lifestyle.

No matter how you choose to live, there is always going to be an amenity for you. Condo living isn't just about location or convenience, but about how to bring your life to the next level as you enter new phases in life, from starting college to living by yourself to beginning your first steps in the workplace. Each of Torre Lorenzo's properties contains amenities built for every condo lifestyle, designed specifically to suit any resident's needs.