Stay Active: 10 Fun Indoor Recreational Activities You Can Do in Your Condo

Posted February 23, 2023

Not sure how to pass the time in your condo in between classes or work shifts? Don’t worry! There are many ways to stay active and fun within the vicinity of your own place! Here are ten ways you can make the most of your indoor recreational activities.

Use the space for exercise

Photo of female with headphones doing indoor recreational activities.

With more space comes more opportunities to stay fit! Use the space to your advantage through activities such as push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, and even classic stretching. You can use items such as bags, books, or furniture as makeshift weights or rests (as long as you don’t break them!) and you can earn your daily gains within the convenience of your own place.

Utilize your condo’s various amenities

3Torre Lorenzo Swimming Pool area artist's perpective

Condos usually have fitness centers that you can use to stay fit and active. There are also swimming pools for those who want to practice laps or simply take the plunge, as swimming helps keep the lungs and limbs active and healthy. Torre Lorenzo’s residential properties have various amenities that are a mere elevator ride away! These premium residences have fully-equipped gyms, so you don’t need to spend for additional gym membership. Some of its properties also have unique amenities such as a basketball court in Torre Lorenzo Sur or a pet park in Torre Lorenzo Loyola for those who want to pursue hobbies. And if you want to go the extra mile, you can use the fire exit stairs to go up or down to the fitness areas!

Invite friends over

five asian young friend having fun together in the bedroom

Why not invite your friends, classmates, and co-workers to show off your premium residence? Play games, have food together, chat about life, and catch up with each other’s lives within the cozy vibes of your own unit.

Have online parties with friends and family

A girl celebrating birthday online in quarantine time

Tired from a full day of work or school? Or do you live far away from your loved ones? Don’t worry about that! Thanks to the power of the internet and video software such as Zoom, Discord, Skype, and FaceTime, you can connect with friends and family for catch ups, game nights, or watch parties!

Play a variety of games 

three friends playing jenga together feeling happy doing indoor recreational activities

Have some fun by bringing over games for friends to play, or even for yourself. It can be physical games like board games or physical games like Twister or party games like charades and mafia. You can even play online games on your computer - just make sure you have enough time to study and rest!

Make your own movie night

young people in 3d glasses watching movie on couch

Whether it’s using a projector and watching with friends, or it’s watching at the convenience of your own computer or phone, sit back and relax after a long day with your favorite movie, TV show, or YouTube series.

Read more books

When we say your body needs working out, that also includes the brain! Exercise your mind and keep it active by reading more books! Not only is it calming to the soul, but it helps stimulate the mind.

Play or learn music

While playing music to accompany you in your room is fun, it’s great to learn music by learning an instrument from the comforts of your own unit. Sooner or later you’ll learn your next steps as a musician! (Just make sure your neighbors are okay with it!)

Dance the night away

Feeling exhausted and wanting to let it all out? Play some music and dance away in the comforts of your own place, especially with nobody watching! Release some energy or even learn some choreography from your favorite artists. Better yet, you can even put it to practice in 3Torre Lorenzo’s own dance practice room!

Redecorate your place 

Model unit of Dusit Thani Residences Davao

Love those home design shows on TV? Does your unit need a bit more flair for your own personal style? Need something to vent out your creative energy? Feel free to redecorate your unit to your liking! Remove things that do not spark joy, and add things that represent you better. 

There are so many indoor recreational activities that can be done within the space of your own home! All of them can be done within Torre Lorenzo, from the relaxing confines of your own unit to the many convenient amenities offered with each property, such as the basketball courts of Torre Lorenzo Sur and Torre Lorenzo Central, the dance studio and lap pool of 3Torre Lorenzo, and the fully-equipped fitness center in every single Torre Lorenzo premium developments available to all residents. Whether it’s to have fun, to stay active, or to enjoy yourselves, the possibilities are endless!

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