Why is Location Important for Aspiring Real Estate Investors?

Posted July 15, 2023

Where do you want to go? Where do you want to stay? Why stay there? Real estate’s very foundation is rooted in location. This affects where we live, where we work, and where we decide to travel.

Need help determining how to factor in location when looking for your first condo investment? Begin your journey by understanding why location is important and how to use it to your advantage!

1. Better Value, Better Appreciation

Tierra Davao Road, capturing the facade view of the Dusit Thani Residence Davao

The higher the demand for the location, the higher the value. The more desirable the place, the better chance it has to stand the test of time and have long-term value even if years pass. Price appreciation can also increase over time as long as the location continues to be valuable.

Observe the trends in the area. Are more people moving in or visiting? Are there new businesses and promising developments planned? If the answers are yes, then it is a sign of an emerging city, and purchasing or investing in a property there can lead to increased value and price appreciation.

Buyers are more willing to spend for safer and more secure places and neighborhoods, leading to higher resale value. Tierra Davao, which has Dusit Thani Residence Davao, dusitD2 Hotel, and the upcoming Crown Residences, is an example of a rising property built as a response to the growth and demand coming from Davao.

2. Live For Your Lifestyle

a colorful patio with chairs and table
For working people, it is better if they live closer to their work. Sometimes, it depends on what and how much you are willing to spend. You may live near work, but the prices are up because of its strategic location, or you can live further but live somewhere more affordable. 

Accessibility is also important if the infrastructures nearby are enough for you to get to work early or on time, or if the traffic waiting to go to and from work is too long.

Additionally, you can also look around the area if there are places to check out nearby, such as parks, malls, entertainment places, and restaurants, as well as if the property you are looking into has amenities of its own! Torre Lorenzo Malate, for example, houses The Residences, The Suites, and lyf Malate Manila - the latter two being partnerships with The Ascott Limited - which are nearby many hospitals and business districts in the heart of the capital city of Manila.

3. Stay Near Where You Study

Student walking in the streets of the city

Education is a big part of the budget of families, so a proper investment is needed. Some are fortunate to live near schools, while others move locations to prime spots such as nearby dorms and student residences.

For college students, you can invest in condo living, such as Torre Lorenzo’s first property, 1Torre Lorenzo, which pioneered student residences in the Philippines and has become a staple of Taft Avenue among students of De La Salle University. Other examples of TLDC’s roster of student-focused properties are Torre Lorenzo Loyola and Torre Lorenzo Sur, located in places close to universities and schools for convenience.

4. Go Where You Vibe With

Mom and Daughter taking selfies on the building facade of Tierra Lorenzo Lipa
The place may be valuable and there are a lot of things to do, but how about those closest to you? Your neighbors and the people in the area will make your living experience so much better if you like them and if you get along well with them.

Safety is also an important factor and populated emerging cities are a good sign of newly-developed places with safer environments. Properties are built and created based on the environment around the area, which offers a different vibe to each place.

For example, some cities have easy access to public transportation such as trains and bus stops to accommodate the fast pace of business, education, and lifestyle. Places like Torre Lorenzo Central are built to accommodate those living, studying, and working in the middle of the bustling city. 

Other places are built for the opposite - a more quiet environment where the pace is slower and the vibes are more peaceful. Oftentimes these have open spaces to enjoy and recharge while there are more natural surroundings such as trees and greenery to feel refreshed.

This is a reason why there is the Tierra Lorenzo Lipa complex, which houses the Adria Tower and the upcoming Merano Tower, that also caters to those who want to live in the cool and relaxing environment of Lipa.

5. Know Why You Want to Invest

a cityscape with a Torre Lorenzo Malate building

Condos and apartments are often built strategically because of the demand, especially in places with bustling workforces, universities, and emerging cities. People have different purposes why they want to invest and have their own place before looking around and researching the best location to reside in. Location is important because making properties creates and caters to any purpose.

TLDC’s diverse portfolio is a testament to why some buildings and properties are built where they are. 3Torre Lorenzo was made to serve the thriving university neighborhood and those who want access to the central business districts and essentials.

Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation is a luxury resort that caters to the growing number of tourists visiting Davao. The Suites at Torre Lorenzo Malate provides opportunities to diversify their business portfolio through investing in serviced residences.

The tips above show that location is an important factor in choosing where to buy, to invest, or to stay. Where you ultimately choose in your journey to condo living depends on what you want and why you want it.

Choose properties and locations that are not only comfortable and relaxing to live in, but give you value through their prime locations. Torre Lorenzo properties not only have all of the above but guarantee through its thousands of satisfied tenants that they can provide the best value for every lifestyle.

Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation pioneered premium university residences in the country. The company has grown its portfolio to include integrated-use and hospitality developments in Manila, Quezon City, and Las Pinas, as well as in key emerging regions like South Luzon and Davao.