Young, free, and investment-savvy: Real estate for yuppies

Posted September 18, 2021

“Work hard, play hard” used to be the mantra of young professionals everywhere. Awash with their own income, and still relatively free from many financial obligations, yuppies often find themselves in a sweet spot where possibilities - in career, relationships, hobbies, even higher education – seem endless. 

The pandemic, however, has changed the world. Among the most heavily affected sectors are leisure, travel, and dining – long the favorite social and recreational outlets of many young professionals looking to reward themselves after long hours at work. The widescale pivot to digital across industries has also increased demand for agile, tech-savvy millennials who can keep pace with changing trends and technologies. Digital-age skills, preferences, and behavior are fast shaping what the new twenty-first century workplace will look like. 

With nowhere else to go but still brimming with income growth potential, there is no better time for young professionals to invest than today. Real estate, with the current slow demand but stable, long-term outlook and potential for returns, makes for a good investment channel for young investors of any risk appetite. 

If you’re young and looking where to smartly invest your money, consider these following advantages of investing in real estate now:

1. Start a good financial habit

As with any skill, goal, or habit – practice makes perfect. Buying real estate is a good step to build a healthy saving and investing habits. Regularly allocating part of your disposable income towards an important investment like a condominium unit will instill financial discipline and make you think twice about spending on frivolous, unnecessary items. Making a smart personal financial plan can also be empowering – you’re getting to decide to invest only on the things that will provide you with the best returns in the medium and long term. It’s a habit that you can grow beyond financial investments, and can be applicable in your career, health, and even personal relationships!

Piggy Bank - Savings                                                   

Investing in real estate allows you to build good financial habits early on, preparing you better for late adulthood and retirement. Image from-

2. Level up your independence

Total independence from your parents or family may not be your top goal now, but thinking ahead and realizing that they will not always be around to support you is a smart way to start planning for the future. Nothing gives you full independence than the ability – financially and otherwise – to live on your own and be completely responsible for your own affairs. Investing in and owning real estate is a good way to be independent. You’ll have your own space to look after and transform into a reflection of your personality and aspirations. 

3. Reward yourself

It’s often hard to think of condominiums, or any investment opportunity for that matter, as rewards. After all, we often want rewards to be instantly gratifying. But owning real estate is one of the most crisis-proof investments you can make. A new car, for example, immediately diminishes in value as soon as it rolls out of the dealership. New clothes or gadgets go out of fashion over time, but your very own condominium unit is something you can use until old age, and whose value can only grow over time. Choosing a developer with topnotch property management, like Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation (TLDC), is therefore key. Unlike most developers, TLDC does not outsource the management of its properties, ensuring longevity and livability for investors and residents.

Light and Airy Living Room                                                                                                                                               

Having your own home means being able to extend your personality into your living space. Image from -

4. Flexible end-use

Not sure what to do with your condominium unit now? That’s okay – and that’s the beauty of making a condo purchase. It offers the greatest flexibility for end-use. Whether you decide to live in it yourself and fulfill your condo living dreams, have it rented out as an additional source of income, or even resell it eventually, you have many ways to ensure returns from your first condominium investment. It’s a versatile investment platform that doesn’t lock you down into limited options for recovering your money.

5. Never miss a beat

No one wants to be too far from daily essentials like banks, groceries, restaurants, and shops. Most importantly, proximity to workplaces and schools remains an important consideration as hybrid work and study setups begin to be implemented. Buying a condominium unit, especially one in a busy, centrally-located area, ensures that you’re within walking distance of everything you’ll ever need. Convenience is a topmost priority. TLDC, for example, offers premium residences that are close to university and business districts. 3Torre Lorenzo, for example, is just a short distance from Makati and Bonifacio Global City, as well as the universities along Taft Avenue. Torre Lorenzo Loyola, meanwhile, is at the heart of Katipunan, Quezon City and a short distance from Eastwood. 

Time is on the side of the young investor – the earlier you invest, the more potential your property investment holds for returns. Ultimately, investing in real estate requires sound financial planning and discipline. It may seem a bit challenging in the beginning, especially for many young, first-time investors, but the upside is that investing can be habit-forming. It’s a skill and habit that one ultimately grows and develops over time. 

Choosing a developer is another crucial factor, too. Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation (TLDC) is at the forefront of creating new opportunities real estate. From pioneering premium university residences in the country, the company has grown its portfolio to include mixed-use and leisure developments in Manila, Quezon City, and Las Pinas, as well as in key emerging regions like South Luzon and Davao. 

Quality and investment value are the hallmarks of TLDC’s premium residences, which have become distinct addresses in the metro’s university districts. In Davao, TLDC has partnered with international hospitality brand Dusit to bring Dusit Thani Residence Davao, Dusitd2 Hotel, and Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation resort - providing the most rewarding residential and leisure experiences in the region.