Condo Living: Three “Key” Security Features to Look For

Posted October 2, 2021

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Hunting for the right condominium unit (condo) often goes a lot deeper than the usual, everyday purchase. A simple click to ‘add to cart’ or physically placing an item in a shopping basket both seem trivial next to the task of researching, scoping, and finally paying for an investment in real estate. We’ve already tackled the question of why a condo is a good investment in the Philippines, as well as how to ensure your condo’s extended lifespan. In this article, we’ll be looking into the safety and security features you should keep an eye out for when looking for your new condo unit.

1.  Health and Safety Protocols

In this day and age, a building’s health and safety protocols have emerged at the forefront of what potential condominium buyers should look at when choosing their new home or latest investment. Asking your broker about a building’s procedures for keeping hallways, amenities, and other areas clean and sanitized is always a wise idea. Is there a clear effort made by the building’s staff to monitor the present health status of all visitors entering the condominium? Are the staff, especially those who frequent or are stationed at common areas, always in proper attire and following recommended safety guidelines at all times? Are common areas being sanitized at regular intervals to avoid unnecessary risks to residents? A building that handles its health and safety protocols well shows important regard for its residents and unit owners. 

A building’s disaster readiness is also an important thing to note. Be sure to check if the hallways are properly stocked with required extinguishers in case of fires and if fire escapes are built up to required standards. Was the building designed with the country’s earthquakes in mind in order to mitigate major damages to the property and residents? Are the building’s maintenance and repairs keeping up with its age? In the case of a black-out, find out what becomes of the elevators and other amenities. Certain premium residences are able to offer more than just standard protocols, especially on the subject of power. For example, all Torre Lorenzo projects have power reserves that can keep a building running for up to eight hours on emergency power, ensuring the elevators and other essential appliances are kept running.

2.  Security Staff and Common Areas 

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As you enter the building, be mindful of the staff who greet you at the door. An alert security staff is always an important addition to any condominium’s project management team. Is the entrance guarded well? Is reception attentive to everyone who comes in and out? Many condominiums in the Philippines boast of 24-hour security for their buildings, with security guards and receptionists ready to assist or deter anyone entering the complex. The number of guards per shift, their placements throughout the property, and their readiness are key factors to keeping the building and thus your unit safe. This is why Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation (TLDC) places extra care into its projects through its subsidiary, Torre Lorenzo Property Management Corporation (TLPMC). The importance of an efficient property management team when it comes to maintaining a building’s upkeep and security cannot be stressed enough.

Property management also keeps the common areas in working order. These areas are naturally the parts of any condominium building that see the most traffic and include hallways and building amenities. CCTV cameras are a common sight in these places, allowing property management to ensure both resident safety and the proper conduct of fellow residents.

When visiting to view a potential unit, be sure to take note of where the cameras are placed and how far away they’re spaced. Also be sure to check on their make and model, if they look modern or are due for replacing. A responsible condominium developer and their partner, or in-house, property management group would be sure to keep these cameras fully operational so as to ensure residents remain safe and at peace.

3.  Gateway Protection

In all condominiums, there are a number of gateways standing between your personal space and the outdoor world. There’s the front door of the building itself, the reception area, and of course, your own unit door. These entrances and exits are some of the most important places to look when picking a condo. 

Passing through reception, or indeed at times even before it, you may notice an additional security feature in the form of key card access. A card or other item kitted with an RFID chip is scanned at these entrances to grant access to residents of a building. Oftentimes found at either the main entrance or the elevator area, this premium feature has become a staple in the country’s more prime condo residences. This quick and easy system allows residents and their guests in with minimal contact while keeping any unexpected company from wandering the halls unescorted. 

Some condominium buildings, such as 3Torre Lorenzo, place their RFID access points in a vestibule, which serves as both a receiving area and buffer between the cool and air-conditioned interior and the Philippines’ particularly fickle weather. This system serves as yet another feature that helps ensure your time in your condo building is both comfortable and safe. 

Other locks of note are of course those on the doors of a unit itself. The most important of these locks is on the front door, which opens up into the hall. Always inspect this when you visit a potential unit in person, or, should you be buying from a pre-selling building, request to see what locks and door fixtures a building is planning to use from your broker.


When visiting a potential condominium building to view a unit you’re interested in buying, the prudent buyer will need to take into account much more than just the unit itself. A building’s health and safety protocols, staff attentiveness, and gateway protection are all important factors to take into account even before entering the building. Hallway ventilation, ceiling height, CCTV camera placement – all these may seem trivial or even boring at first, but when it comes to health and safety, doing proper research on the building where residents will spend large amounts of time is a must. Whether to ensure a pleasant stay in your future home or to put future tenants at ease about your latest investment, staying safe ought to be top priority.

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