How to enjoy and make the most out of living solo

Posted March 25, 2022

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Living independently is one of the most liberating and rewarding experiences in an adult’s life. Whether you’ve just invested in your own condo, are going back to work in the city, or resuming in-person classes, you might be considering living solo.  

If you’re used to living with family or roommates, the thought of living solo is both exciting and daunting. However, there are lots of advantages that come with this set-up. While it can be lonely at times, you have the freedom and privacy to do whatever you want and whenever you want it. You learn significant life skills, and you have an opportunity to transform into an independent, strong, and capable individual. 

If you’re contemplating on living solo, here are some tips on how to enjoy and thrive in this #adulting milestone:

1. Decorate your condo

One of the best things about living solo is that you can finally style and decorate your own space exactly the way you want it. Want darker paint for your bedroom for setting the mood? Or that bright and colorful artwork that your roommate thought was too big? Go for it! What’s important is that at the end of day, you will come home to a space where you feel happy and comfortable. 

If you need top interior design tips specifically for a condo, watch these tips from Architect Patricia Orbeta.

2. Know your neighbors

Living in a condo community means that you will always have neighbors that you can rely on. For people living solo, knowing your neighbors offer an added layer of security especially when you’re leaving your unit. If they’ve been in the community long enough, you can also ask them for recommendations on the best places to eat, buy groceries, and other secret spots.

3. Connect with your loved ones

Living solo doesn’t mean you have to isolate yourself from your loved ones. To keep homesickness at bay, make sure to stay connected with friends and family. It can be as simple as a regular virtual call or physical get-togethers at your place.

If you have friends among your neighbors, it would also be good to engage and occasionally have a conversation while having a cup of coffee or even while doing the laundry. Staying connected is good for both your mental health and social life.

4. Explore your neighborhood

With the freedom and time to do whatever you want, it would be great to get to know your neighborhood. It’s always best to discover a community by foot. So put on those sneakers and walk around the streets of your condo. Have coffee in that quaint little café in the corner and observe people’s daily activities. Try out that restaurant that your neighbor has been raving about. Drop off your laundry in the laundromat instead of having it picked up. This way, you get to know the people in your vicinity and you get to appreciate the location of your condo.

5. Keep your place organized

While you do have the liberty to sometimes leave the dishes untouched on lazy days, keeping your place clean and organized is an important aspect of living independently. An organized condo calms and enhances your mood., and there are physical side-benefits it offers while you do the regular clean-up.

6. Develop new skills

     Living solo can be a very transformative and empowering experience, so take this opportunity to learn some life skills. This can be as simple as learning how to cook a dish for one or singlehandedly replacing a busted lightbulb or a leaky faucet. 

Safe living in the city

A general concern about living solo is safety. Even in condos, not all safety and security measures are the same. Will there be round the clock security? Are all CCTVs in the building working? Can visitors easily enter the condo? These are valid concerns that any resident should raise to a condo’s property management team. Before choosing a place to settle in, here are some measures to ensure your safety and security.

  • Go with a trusted developer - A good and trusted developer doesn’t abandon the building after it has been turned over. It is important to check whether the property management team is proactive in prioritizing the residents’ safety. Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation (TLDC) is a developer with an in-house property management team. This means that TLDC does not outsource the maintenance and upkeep of its properties to ensure both the safety of its residents and the longevity of the condo
  • Check for security measures – Prior to moving in, don’t hesitate to ask what condo health and safety protocols are in place. You can even ask some residents if these protocols have been consistently implemented. Look for CCTVs and check if these working. Ask if there are guards on duty 24/7. One example of a top-notch security feature is 3Torre Lorenzo’s RFID system. It is an exclusive electronic access to residential units that ensures proper monitoring of residents’ entry and exit.
  • Ensure that health protocols are in place – With the ongoing pandemic, the health of residents shouldn’t be taken for granted by the property management. Are strict health protocols being implemented such as temperature checks and sanitation? Are there efforts to improve air quality in the building? Are high-touch areas regularly disinfected? 
  • Prepare an emergency plan – Having an emergency plan and emergency numbers ready is always a good idea. Have important numbers saved on your phone’s emergency contacts. If you’re going out, share your whereabouts to a trusted individual. Preparing these things makes you more at ease about living solo.

For most people heading back to living in the city to be closer to work and school, living solo is inevitable. The key to enjoying this time of your life is to truly own your space and create a home that you will love to come home to.

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