A Guide to a Minimalist Condo Design

Posted January 4, 2022

Actual Photo of Torre Lorenzo Malate Studio UnitA minimalist interior is not only pleasant to the eyes but also helps people feel relaxed and calm. 

Living in a condo offers many benefits such as accessibility and security. Although, the limited space can be quite challenging when it comes to designing your unit. This is why the minimalist condo design has grown in popularity among many condo dwellers as it’s easy to execute, and combines function with fun. 

Minimalism creates a calm atmosphere in the home and allows people to focus on what’s essential. Design-wise it is created by using monochromatic colors paired with a natural accent. The furniture usually has a modern finish and is combined with natural elements like wood. You can also achieve a simple and clean aesthetic by putting together multi-functional pieces in your interiors. 

In a recent virtual event hosted by Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation (TLDC) entitled Designing Your Condo, a pro interior designer Arch. Patricia Orbeta, who is the TLDC Technical Planning Head, offered practical tips on how to achieve the minimalist look for your condo. If you’re planning to do minimalist interiors, read some of her tips below:

Tip #1: Go for neutral colors

Actual Photo of Dusit Thani Residence Davao 1BR UnitAvoid bright colors and opt for neutral tones to make your space appear bigger.

Your unit’s color palette plays a big role in attaining a serene atmosphere. You can use monochromatic hues such as cool/warm gray or beige tones. Pair these hues with a natural element like wood accents in the closet, flooring, or window ledge.

Tip #2: Choose undersized, multi-functional furniture

To make your condo look bigger, stick with compact furniture. It would be ideal to get a sofa with squarish and low back instead of chunky and padded ones. For the dining area, choose a glass top dining table, and dining chairs with low back and slim legs as it gives the illusion of a bigger space.

For the bedroom, go for side tables that are undersized so you still have space to walk around the room. Multi-use pieces also work best for minimalist interiors because it doesn’t just save space but also saves you from buying several pieces of furniture. Some examples of these include a bed or sofa with storage underneath, a coffee table with storage, or an expandable table.

Tip #3: Install floating shelves/cabinets

Using floating shelves and cabinets is a good way to organize your stuff while saving space. When putting together decorations in these shelves, always remember to go for odd numbers. Layering of decors also helps create depth and balance in your home accessories.

Tip #4: Use wide, pendant lighting 

Artist's Perspective of Tierra Lorenzo Lipa 2BR UnitA wide, pendant light can illuminate a wider area of your space.

Good lighting adds to the calming atmosphere of a minimalist interior. You can create mood lighting by using wide, pendant lighting fixtures with long horizontal arms. This allows the light to spread within the room and not only one part. You can also use track lighting to illuminate a section of your unit. It also helps to use table or floor lamps to complete the soothing feel.

Tip #5: Invest in an accent or conversational piece

Adding an accent or conversation piece allows you to inject your personal style into your home. Since you’re going for a minimalist look, conversation pieces can be as simple as a nice wall art with clean lines and shapes.

Tip #6: Use mirrors to create depth

Actual Photo of Torre Lorenzo Malate 1BR Model UnitMirrors make any room look bigger. 

Using mirrors is a popular hack to create depth into a small space. Mirrors also help create an optical illusion of a bigger space. Opt for a round mirror for a more contemporary look.  

Tip #7: Bring in live plants

Having plants in the house not only adds color and life to your space but also helps clean the air. There are lots of indoor plants fit for a minimalist home like succulents, snake plant, or monstera.

Tip #8: Less is more

To achieve minimalism, it’s important to keep your home clutter free. Before designing your condo, why not organize your stuff first and get rid of things that you don’t use anymore? It will not only make your space more orderly but it will also allow you to keep only what’s important. 

Achieving a minimalist design in your condo can be overwhelming, but as long as you keep things natural and simple, you can attain classy and clean interiors. Whether your unit is big or small, a touch of creativity and innovation will surely be rewarding.

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