What to look for in a condo in the new normal

Posted March 5, 2022

Most condo owners consider location, accessibility, amenities, and budget as main factors in their decision to purchase a property. 

But as the pandemic unfolded and forced people to stay in their homes, many people realized the benefits of having more than just a space to come home to after a busy day. Thoughtful and well-designed spaces became more valuable, and safety and security were key concerns for condo residents.

As the pandemic changed people’s priorities and lifestyle, what qualities of a good condo should you look out for that will satisfy the demands of living in the new normal?

Look for conducive and spacious work/study areas

 Actual photo of Torre Lorenzo Central’s Study Hall 

Actual photo of Torre Lorenzo Central’s Study Hall

Even with the relaxing of quarantine protocols, hybrid work and classes are already part of the new norm. When looking for a potential condo, ask about co-working spaces where residents can stay. Is it large enough to accommodate people working/studying at the same time? Are there semi-private areas where you can work or study on your own? Is the internet connection fast enough at the amenity area and inside the units? Are there provisions for alternative internet providers? These are elements that can make or break your work or school productivity at home.

Check for safety and security features in design

contactless RFID systemA contactless RFID system is an additional security feature that helps ensure a safe and comfortable living experience.

For forward-thinking developers, safety and security are part of the condo design. Some condos now feature contactless doors and elevators. Most developers also upgraded to contactless condo payments for association dues and other fees. These features allow for a safer and more efficient condo living experience for residents. 

One example of a top-notch security feature is Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation’s hallmark RFID system in its buildings. It’s an exclusive electronic access to residential units that ensures proper monitoring of residents’ entry and exit.

Assess the quality of amenities

Artist’s perspective of 3Torre Lorenzo’s Sky DeckArtist’s perspective of 3Torre Lorenzo’s Sky Deck

Most condos nowadays have a swimming pool and a gym as part of its amenities. But not all amenities are the same.  During the pandemic, well-appointed and thoughtfully-designed amenities made all the difference for condo unit owners who wanted to take a breath of fresh air. When checking out a condo, try to imagine yourself using the amenities. Is the swimming pool large enough to accommodate residents? Is the gym fully-equipped or do you still need a gym membership to attain your fitness goals? More importantly, look for provisions for open-air amenities where you can relax after a long day. 3Torre Lorenzo’s Sky Deck allows its residents to lounge safely while practicing social distancing. On the other hand, at Torre Lorenzo Malate, the Sky Lounge is not only spacious, but it also has a sweeping view of the Manila Bay that can serve as a haven for residents who want to take a breather.

Added amenities also show how a developer puts a premium on and anticipates its residents’ needs. An example of this is a shuttle service at Torre Lorenzo Malate. It’s a service offered for the safety of professionals and students living, working, and studying in the area. Torre Lorenzo Loyola in Katipunan, Quezon City, also features a pet park for residents’ furbabies.

When searching for a condo, look out for these added amenities that enhance the overall quality of living experience of residents.

Look for designated areas for third-party deliveries and guests 

Artist’s perspective of the Discussion Room at Torre Lorenzo MalateArtist’s perspective of the Discussion Room at Torre Lorenzo Malate

With the surge of online shopping and deliveries, check if the condo has a designated space for visitors such as delivery riders and other guests. It’s a simple but crucial aspect because it shows how the building management puts importance on your safety. A designated space means riders from outside don’t congregate at the concierge or lobby all at the same time. It’s faster and more efficient and more importantly, safer for the residents.

At Torre Lorenzo Malate, residents can use the Discussion Room at the lobby for safely entertaining guests so they won’t have to use the elevator and go all the way up to the units.

Consider factors for value-appreciation

If you’re an investor and you don’t intend to use the space personally, check if the unit is suitable for flexible end-use. Being in a strategic location with access to major roads is one of the common ways to assure that your property will appreciate in value. Is it accessible to public transportation? Are there schools, offices, and commercial establishments near and within walking distance? Are there road networks being built around the area?

Apart from these, another factor that can influence value appreciation amidst the pandemic is good property management. At Torre Lorenzo, the in-house property management ensures that your property is well-maintained and primed for value appreciation. The property management team also enforces strict safety protocols for the safety of its residents.

For condo seekers, it’s imperative nowadays to look beyond a property’s location and accessibility. Living in the new normal means discerning real estate investors consider the overall living experience, value for money, and track record of the condo’s property developer.

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