Bringing Nature at Home: Best Condo Indoor Plants

Posted March 21, 2023

Tierra Lorenzo Lipa Model Unit living room with a couch, chairs, and condo indoor plant at the table

Even before the pandemic kept us indoors, condo dwellers always kept a reminder of nature by their tables or windows. It’s a relaxing escape from the stresses of life, while it can also be an accompaniment when studying and working.

Are you thinking about getting your first plant for your unit? Let us guide you through a few choices and help you decide which indoor plants can kickstart your new gardening hobby!

Aloe Vera

A condo indoor plant in a white pot

The aloe vera plant’s benefits are varied enough that it is easily a favorite grab for those who want indoor plants. There’s a reason why aloe vera is used in many medicinal items and skincare beauty brands! Make sure to water it regularly while leaving enough drainage in its soil while exposing it to light sunlight in average temperatures - not too hot, and not too cold.

Rubber Tree Plant

Interior design with green plant high angle

The rubber tree plant is known for its darker-shaded and glossy leaves, adding a certain flavor to your unit’s workspace. It’s quite easy to take care of - all you need is to water it a couple of times a week, expose it to bright but indirect light, and give it space to grow. Who knows, it might grow from a tabletop plant to a 10 feet plant!

ZZ Plant

A close up horizontal image of a small zz plant growing in a white pot set on a wooden table in a living room.

ZZ plants are a favorite among plant lovers, especially when you see tons of posts from plant collectors on Instagram and Pinterest. Its wide, attractive, dark leaves elicit a certain mood that relaxes the vibe around you, and it is said to symbolize friendship, making it a great gift to give to friends. It’s resistant to drought and thrives better in low light, hence its once-a-month watering makes it convenient for the busybody - as long as the soil isn’t too dry or too damp. Better yet, it is said to be an air purifier that removes harmful toxins in the air.

Spider Plant

two spider plants inside on a floating white shelf

Just like its namesake, the spider plant’s slim but bright leaves stretch out into a beautiful shape that makes it a house plant staple. It’s an ideal plant for new green thumbs - all you need is sunlight, as long as it is not harsh, direct light. They usually prefer colder temperatures, as long as it is not too damp.

Zebra Plant

condo indoor plants placed into wooden table

Known for their zebra-like striped dark green leaves, zebra plants have become a favorite indoor plant due to their unique beauty and gorgeous flowers. However, they might pose a challenge to take care of, since you need to control the light it receives (indirect sunlight is recommended) and the conditions need to be a certain humid and warm setting. Water it once a week with the soil being moist. Zebra plants may not be a beginner’s ideal indoor plant, but with the right discipline and care, the beauty and uniqueness of the plant make the effort worth it.

There are so many condo indoor plants to choose from that could help make your Torre Lorenzo premium residence closer to nature. Thankfully, Torre Lorenzo units are spacious enough for you to decorate your room with as many indoor plants as possible! Are you ready to take your first plantita/plantito steps?

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