Features of student-friendly condos

Posted June 11, 2022

Artist's perspective of 1BR Unit at Torre Lorenzo LoyolaArtist’s perspective of a one-bedroom unit at Torre Lorenzo Loyola

Hybrid classes for schools and universities will commence soon. With the worsening traffic condition in the metro and rising fuel prices, many parents are considering a home near the university for their college kids for practicality and safety.

Aside from being able to save travel time, living independently will also help in their growth and decision-making capabilities.

Nowadays, there are many options for condos near universities – but not all condos are the same. It is important to inspect closely the second home your children will reside in for the next few years.

Here’s a helpful guide on the features that you should look out for in student-friendly condo:

1. Location

Ateneo de Manila University as viewed from the 10th floor of Torre Lorenzo LoyolaAteneo de Manila University as viewed from the 10th floor of Torre Lorenzo Loyola

Location is a top consideration when choosing a student-friendly condo. Is it within walking distance to the university? How long does one have to walk? Are the streets well-lit at night? Is it situated on a main road or you’d have to walk through narrow alleys to get to your destination? Ideally, choose a location that’s within a stone’s throw away from the school so there’s no need to take a jeepney/tricycle or walk in the scorching sun/rain to get to the school. Ensure that the pathway is safe and well-lit even at night time.

For instance, Torre Lorenzo Loyola in Katipunan is just right across Ateneo de Manila University. It is close to a footbridge so students won’t have to walk far to get to school.

2. Safety and Security

TLDC's RFID system as a security featureAn RFID system ensures the strict monitoring of residents’ entry and exit in the building.

In terms of security, typical condos would usually have roving guards and CCTVs. You should check if all CCTVs are actually functioning. Are the security guards attentive to everyone coming in and out of the building?

Aside from these, take note if there are additional security features in the building that are incorporated. Torre Lorenzo implements its hallmark RFID system in its premium university residences. It’s an exclusive electronic access to residential units that ensures proper monitoring of residents’ entry and exit. Parents can even request to receive alerts when their kid enters and exits the building. 

For health and safety, observe during viewing or a spot visit if the property management team adheres to safety protocols like wearing of masks, checking of temperature, and disinfection. These little details will ensure that your kid will be safe from health threats at all times.


 3. Connectivity

Residents Lounge at Torre Lorenzo Malate Residents Lounge at Torre Lorenzo Malate 

Since most universities will be doing hybrid classes, one of the major things to check in a student-friendly condo is how fast the internet is in the area. Is it fiber internet-ready? Is the internet fast enough in the common areas? Check for dead spots in the unit that you’re eyeing. It’s important to ensure that your college kid doesn’t need to go out of the building to access fast internet for research and online classes.


4. Conducive study spaces

Check if the lounges and study areas are conducive for productive school work. See if the space is big enough to accommodate several students studying at the same time. Do existing residents actually use the study areas? Is there good air circulation in these common areas? It’s important to note this because having conducive study areas in the building means that residents need not go to coffee shops just to be able to study or hang out.


5. Student-friendly amenities

A student-friendly condo has amenities that prioritize residents’ well-being. Look for amenities that will allow your kid to recharge after a full day of school work. Most condos have a swimming pool, but is it large enough for use by several people at the same time? 

For instance, the gyms at all Torre Lorenzo developments are fully equipped so students don’t have to sign up for a separate gym membership. Open-air amenities are also enhanced to give residents a space for rest and relaxation.

There are also unique amenities such as a shuttle service at Torre Lorenzo Malate. It’s a service that will be offered for the safety of students and professionals living, studying and working in the area. 


When looking for a second home for your college kid, it’s important to be more discerning because the safety, security, and growth of your child is at stake. A premium quality condo is a valuable investment because you can still utilize the unit even beyond your child’s college years. If centrally located, it can still be used as a home when he/she gets a job, you can rent it out to other students, and also eventually sell it at an appreciated price.

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