Celebrating the holidays in your condo? Here’s how to enjoy the festivities in the new normal

Posted December 4, 2021

Christmas Tree decorationWhile the holiday season may still look and feel different this year, there are lots of ways you can still have a fun, festive, and safe celebration in your condo. Image from:

The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching.  By now, a lot of homes probably already have their decorations and Christmas trees up. Shopping for Christmas gifts online and in malls has commenced. For families around the world, this is an important time to connect with loved ones and celebrate holiday traditions.

The holiday celebration last year looked a bit different for most as people were confined within their homes and resorted to celebrating through video calls and virtual parties. But, now that quarantine restrictions have started to ease up and more individuals are getting vaccinated, many people are more confident to plan for their holiday parties, reunions, and events. 

Check out some ways to make sure that your celebration in your condo is as festive and safe as possible.

Pick a theme

Your condo’s size should not inhibit you from going all out in decorating for the holidays. The key to styling your home is to pick a theme. Having a theme ties up all the elements that you will put together into one cohesive look. It is also an opportunity for you to make your home a  showcase of your personal style.  Here are some festive themes you might want to explore:

Color – this is one of the simplest and easiest ways to decorate this season. Popular color themes are red and gold, blue and white, or you can go for the classic red and green. Add accents of metallic or glitters for extra glamour.

Filipiniana – using local décor is preferred by many people these days. You can achieve this look by using native materials such as abaca or buri ornaments paired with Capiz parols. Burlap fabric also makes a pretty table runner for a rustic look.

Santa’s workshop – if you want to decorate for the kids, this would be the perfect theme. Your little guests would be delighted to see Santa’s elves surrounded with wooden toys and wrapped gifts.

Tip: Prior to decorating, a good way to organize your design elements is to create a “mood board” for your chosen theme. Compile photos, draw, take pictures or have videos of your pegs.

 Christmas Table setting

A well-thought-out table setting makes your holiday dinner more enticing and special. Image from:

Set the table

If you’re spending the holidays with just the members of your household, a beautifully set table will make all the difference for your holiday dinner. This is the perfect time to bring out your elegant dinnerware. It creates a feeling of eating in a fancy restaurant while at home. It can be as simple as using festive table napkins, colored glasses, or candles. Infusing greenery in your table setting, like using rosemary sprigs, is also always a good idea. 

Consider individually-packed food

If you’re having guests, while the conventional food set-up is usually in buffet spread, why not opt for curated meal boxes this year? You need not have a caterer to do this for you. You can definitely DIY this and put together hearty food like pasta, roasted chicken, salad, and gingerbread cookies. Doing this will make your get-togethers safer and stress-free. 

Create a holiday playlist

Playing Christmas songs will definitely put everyone in your condo in the mood for the festivities. There are lots of options for this on Spotify and all you have to do is to sing and dance the night away. 

Host gift exchanges and activities

Whether your celebration will be virtual, in-person, or hybrid, get the whole clan together and host a gift exchange and games. If some of your family members will be together virtually, arrange for gifts to be sent beforehand and open presents all together. A Christmas hat contest among families is also a good and creative idea. Host a holiday trivia quiz game. There are lots of apps that you can use to do this seamlessly.  Check out Kahoot for instance.

Share the holiday spirit

One of the ways to make your celebration this year more meaningful is to pay it forward to people in your community. Everyone had to go through all sorts of challenges this year and an act of kindness from someone will surely go a long way. Consider donating toys and books to kids in need. You can also consider going the extra mile and distribute Noche Buena packages or packed food to families. It can also be as simple as checking in on your condo neighbors and sharing food or pastries. In doing so, always observe safety measures like wearing a mask, social distancing, disinfecting with alcohol, and hand washing.

Safety first

As the holiday rush starts, safety still comes first. Be proactive in ensuring that your household will follow all safety protocols. Brush up the safety rules with everyone. If you’re inviting guests from different households, keep your guestlist short to avoid crowding. Some people also choose to undergo testing before get-togethers for peace of mind. Make sure to prepare a sanitation area ready by the door with alcohol, sanitizer, and thermometer for temperature checks. 

Likewise, safety also encompasses your physical space. Make sure that you:

Avoid overloading electrical outlets when installing your Christmas lights

Ensure that your cords are organized and not tangled

Don’t leave electrical appliances or decorations plugged in for a long time

Don’t leave cooking food unattended

Keep your floor tidy and free of debris to avoid slipping

Your condo’s property management is crucial in keeping your building’s upkeep and security ready for the holiday rush. They ensure that the common areas are in working order and no unwanted company is lurking around your building. Holiday or not, it’s important that you choose a condo with proactive property management like in Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation’s properties. They don’t only keep you secure but also ensure longevity and safety of your building at all times.

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic, there are ways to make this holiday season still the merriest time of the year. You just need to be more creative and proactive so everyone can safely enjoy the festivities. 

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