Torre Lorenzo: The towering figure behind modern student housing, other prime developments

Posted July 5, 2021

By: The Philippine Star - PropertyReport.PH

Across the country’s university belts, in growth centers in Metro Manila and beyond and in seascapes in some parts of the country, one can’t help but see the Torre Lorenzo brand.

After all, through decades, the company has grown by leaps and bounds and has made a name for itself.

Today, Torre Lorenzo Development Corp. (TLDC) has  become a household name for premium student residences and upscale residential developments.

The newly built torre central building is ready for occupancy.

Students' cubicles are provided for personal space in a study area made of wooden upholstery materials.

In the student housing market, gone are the days of cramped student dwellings, sleazy dormitories and on the extreme side, expensive luxury homes only for the privileged few.

TLDC has made student housing inclusive with developments in key university districts in the National Capital Region, offering to the market modern residential condominiums responsive to the needs of the times.

Parents have found comfort in the fact that their children are in Torre Lorenzo’s safe residential developments which not only feature  sensible amenities and dynamic spaces but also, safety and security.

With limited face-to-face classes being recommended by CHED to resume this year, the company has continued to lead the way in proactive property management with a host of safety and security features.

Outside student housing, Torre Lorenzo’s reach has likewise expanded in other asset classes.

It captures the Torre de Lorenzo Malate building facade while including the entire city's buildings.

It has developed mixed-use residences and leisure destinations, investing in key growth areas outside NCR with its lifestyle residences in Lipa, Batangas and its Dusit Thani hotel and resort in Davao.

The man at the helm

The man behind Torre Lorenzo is no less than Tomas Lorenzo of the entrepreneurial Lorenzo clan. He is the company’s young visionary president and CEO.

Don’t be deceived by Lorenzo’s American education–an MBA graduate from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania–or even his Ateneo de Manila undergraduate studies, because in real life, Tomas knows the heart and pulse of the Filipino.

The Torre Sur condominium is captured in a view of city lights.

He loves talking to the company’s buyers — from low-profile businessmen to overseas Filipino workers to the students themselves.

Lorenzo himself has units in TLDC’s developments, which means he is putting his money where his mouth is and actually knows what condominium living should really be like.


He is also a very hands-on leader to make sure that TLDC’s clients get their money’s worth.

The beauty of the Torre Lorenzo Malate building is highlighted in this night shot of the entire city lights.

“I’m very hands on. I check the details. I make sure the faucet works, etc.,” Tomas said in an interview with Property Report PH.

In the era of COVID-19

COVID-19 has drastically disrupted the property industry but TLDC has remained resilient.

Thus, even during the pandemic, TLDC continues to operate.

A zoom view of surrounding condominiums in the University District

“Before the pandemic, Torre Lorenzo was growing really really fast. We were building condos, universities, and townships outside Metro Manila. We also had residential developments outside Metro Manila then the pandemic hit but luckily, many of our projects were finished already,” Lorenzo said.

As the man at the helm of TLDC, he pioneered the development of university residences, elevating the life of students by providing them options for safer and comfortable abodes that are conducive for studying so they can concentrate on their studies without having to worry about cramped spaces or safety.

An old greyscale photograph of a white building showing the Torre Lorenzo residences' facade.

In the past, students have been an underserved demographic group, with available student housing mostly just decrepit dormitories.

The timing is impeccable because in the age of COVID-19 and post-pandemic, such dilapidated and cramped dwellings for students will no longer work.

Lorenzo was able to learn from his experience while studying abroad where he saw nice apartments and dormitories for students, enabling them to study better.

Today, TLDC’s university condos have nice lounges, decent lap pools, laundry areas, coffee shops and even retail components such as convenience stores.

Listening To The Younger Generation

Himself a father to eight children, Lorenzo constantly listens to the needs of the student population and young people in general.

“They want to have a place for themselves. They need silence. They want more than just a room for living so we have lounge spaces, restos and other amenities. We also have a roof deck where people hang around. People look for experience,” he said.


More importantly, with connectivity a must for the young population of today, TLDC’s condominiums are fiber-ready and wired efficiently to ensure connectivity for everyone.

Portrait of a man wearing a suit and smiling.

Parents can likewise be assured that their children are back in their residence safely because of their RFID residents’ IDs.

Responding further to the needs of the youth or the i-generation (internet generation) as Lorenzo calls them, he said that even the colors of TLDC’s building are those that appeal to the younger ones.

“They like dark colors. Grey and black are the new beige,” he said.

But more than the design, the younger generation also looks into what a building can offer.

He constantly travels to make sure he knows the latest pulse of the different generations especially the young ones.

Lorenzo even knows in which part of a building young people like to hang out and even how they sit and while their time.

“These young people like to socialize and they like to socialize in the laundromat,” Lorenzo said.

Even the design of the bathrooms had to change because the younger generations are taller than members of the older generations.

“Even the height of shower, you need to adjust that now,” he noted.

And because online shopping has become not just a craze but an essential shopping option now in the time of COVID-19, Lorenzo said TLDC’s condominiums have loading and unloading bays and extensive parking for delivery motorcycles.

Today, TLDC has developments across various university belts including the University of Santo Tomas area, the University of Perpetual Help in Las Pinas, in the Taft Avenue strip, in the district of Malate and in Katipunan Avenue.

Outside the student housing segment, Torre Lorenzo delivers as well.

It is the name behind what may as well be touted as the height of luxury in Davao City, the first five-star  residential and hotel development, Dusit Thani Residence, which combines  deluxe urban living with the grandest hotel services.

Unit owners of Dusit Thani Residence Davao can avail of the world-class hotel amenities that only the adjacent dusitD2 Hotel can give.

Residents are also in for a daily treat of the breathtaking view of the ocean and dramatic city skyline.

This exclusive property is only a 20-minute drive from Davao International Airport and situated in the heart of the booming business district of Davao City.

Dusit Thani Residence Davao is a proud adopter of sustainable design features that make use of water-saving fixtures and energy-efficient air conditioners and lighting systems—further proof that it offers nothing less than luxury living for the 21st century.

A testament to this is Dusit Thani’s awards, the Best High-End Condo in Davao and the Best Condo Development in the Philippines.

During this time of the pandemic, many guests have flocked to Dusit Thani in Davao to take a breather.

“Our rooms are all villas,” said Lorenzo, noting that this has made guests feel safer.

He said Dusit Thani very much exudes a Maldives-like vibe and feel, continuously enticing guests, with or without the pandemic.

Tierra Lorenzo Lipa

Another development of Torre Lorenzo outside Metro Manila is Tierra Lorenzo Lipa, which is both a residential and hotel project offering two residential towers anchored on a Dusit Princess hotel.

The residences feature top-notch amenities with units that are well-designed and thoughtfully-planned.

Torre Lorenzo Property Management Corp. manages the premises and common areas, preventive maintenance and repair works of units to ensure owners of a well-maintained living environment.

In all, from its upscale and modern student housing to its prime residential developments and leisure destinations, TLDC continues to change the country’s skyline.

More importantly, it provides the Filipino family a home they always want to go home to.