Torre Lorenzo inaugurates solar farm in Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation Resort in Davao de Oro

Posted September 7, 2023

By: Torre Lorenzo

TLDC CEO and COO together with COREnergy Executives ribbon cutting ceremony(L-R) Caldwell Hoey, Director, MATEC; Cathy Casares-Ko, COO, TLDC; Tomas Lorenzo, CEO, TLDC; Arlo Sarmiento, CEO, Vivant; Mark Habana, VP For Operations, Vivant; Michael Lasam, COO, Corenergy

Located in Davao de Oro, Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation (TLDC)’s flagship leisure development Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation Resort is an island in the heart of Davao Gulf surrounded by coconut trees, white sand beaches, and rich marine life. Beyond its promise of luxurious stays and premier island experience is its commitment to sustainable luxury.

In line with this commitment, Torre Lorenzo announced that Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation Resort is now powered by clean and renewable solar energy.

Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation Resort Solar Farm

The 756-unit solar farm constructed in partnership with Corenergy, Inc. – a fully-owned subsidiary of Vivant Energy Corporation, has an output of 415.8kWp which is equivalent to 6,084 trees planted yearly. The energy generated will reduce carbon emissions by 251 metric tons annually. At its full development, it is poised to power 60% of the resort’s energy needs.

TLDC CEO, Mr. Tomas Lorenzo

At the inauguration of the solar farm, TLDC Chief Executive Officer Tomas Lorenzo shared that Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation Resort is a showcase that luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand. “We are proud to integrate sustainable practices in our operations that help provide a more meaningful customer experience to guests,” says Lorenzo.

Mr. Michael Lasam, COREnergy Chief Operating Officer

“We take pride in having gained the trust of TLDC to be its partner for this project. We at COREnergy believe that with TLDC and Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation Resort leading the way, we would see more and more property owners and major players in the hospitality sector taking steps towards sustainability,” said Michael Lasam, COREnergy chief operating officer.

Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation Resort Solar Panels

Energy efficiency

Apart from being powered by clean and renewable solar energy, Lubi has a heat recovery system where the use of air conditioning of each villa allows the resort to produce its own hot water. The heat recovery system in the island allows the resort to provide for the needs of its guests while drastically reducing energy consumption in the island.

Marine life conservation

TLDC maintains a coral sanctuary in the Davao Gulf in partnership with Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). Lubi is also a turtle sanctuary. The resort makes sure that turtles can lay their eggs in its beach and protect these until ready to be released into the wild by cordoning off the nesting site and educating guests.

Water efficiency

The roads at Lubi, which are made of sand, are not only a feast for the eyes. The site development was intentionally designed to absorb rainwater to replenish the island’s aquifers, the source of the island’s drinking water through our reverse osmosis plant.

Partners for sustainability

As the resort grows, its community grows with it. 100% of employees in Lubi are from Davao de Oro, with 80% from the Municipality of Mabini where it is located. TLDC is also committed to enabling its host communities through livelihood, education, and social development partnerships.

“As the Company continues to grow, TLDC has embraced sustainability as a key business strategy, this solar farm is a very meaningful investment that we know will benefit not just the resort, but most especially the environment and the community that surrounds us,” says TLDC Chief Operations Officer Cathy Casares-Ko.