Impactful sustainable practices define every TLDC dev’t

Posted June 7, 2022

By: Philippine Daily Inquirer

Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation Resort Davao

TLDC adheres to principles of sustainable tourism.

Sustainability has become a big and primary consideration among consumers. Many now expect brands to embrace more future-proof values in their ways.

One company that responded well to the emergent demand is builder Torre Lorenzo Development Corp. (TLDC), said company COO Cathy Casares-Ko.

“Sustainable growth affects not just ourselves. We acknowledge that it’s our responsibility to the community to create long-term value for the future generations,” she said.


That kind of adaptability should be expected from a company that has won big through forward-thinking. Over two decades ago, this real estate developer began pursuing untapped segments, starting with students. By keeping abreast with the market, it transitioned from a product for the younger folk to one that is for all Filipinos. Today, TLDC has become a full-scale developer with mixed-use, leisure and townships products in Manila, Lipa and Davao.

Amid all these developments, sustainability has remained a core value of TLDC, Casares-Ko noted, as she pointed out that they “deliberately study and embed practical and impactful sustainable practices in the different facets of our operations and day-to-day activities.”

TLDC clearly adheres to the principles of sustainability, having installed certain features across its sites such as LED lights, rainwater catchment and waste segregation facilities. In-house property managers monitor resource usage and encourage conservation.

Well-being is also a critical component of sustainability at TLDC. Custom to its properties are open spaces in Sky Decks and Sky Lounges, study and meeting rooms, and gyms. Air quality is improved through hospital-grade air purifiers and natural ventilation.

Peace of mind is meanwhile ensured through responsive customer service. TLDC uses an RFID system, a hallmark of its topnotch security. Its pandemic response further offers proof—digital payment modes, safety protocols, and a reliable portal for contactless transactions have all ensured the safety of their residents and guests.


Amid a recovery, TLDC continues to offer premium experiences of sustainable tourism. Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation Resort on the Davao Gulf is a fitting showcase of this. Built on sloping terrain, water naturally flows downstream. It has in place a heat recovery system—the same heat coming from the aircons at the private villas is used to heat water for guests. It features as well a sewer treatment plant and materials recovery facilities. Electric vehicles and bikes are also used in this luxury island.

The development respects marine life and works with the locals. This speaks of another angle to TLDC’s approach to sustainability: uplifting the places where it operates. In Davao and Manila for example, the company provides livelihood and agricultural training, plus scholarships and education endowments.

Indeed, sustainability has always been consistent with TLDC’s tagline, “designing for tomorrow.” And it won’t stop where it is now as it is bent to continue its staunch commitment to sustainability.

Casares-Ko said, “Our success is reflected on how we are able to uplift the lives of our clients and employees, how we are able to contribute to the transformation of the communities where we operate, and how we are able to protect the environment for the generations to come.”

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