TLDC shifts to ‘agile’ work arrangements

Posted March 23, 2021


Torre Lorenzo - 2Torre Lorenzo Sky Lounge

TORRE LORENZO Development Corporation (TLDC) has shifted to agile work arrangements and ramped up its digital transformation amid the pandemic.

“Our top priority remains ensuring that our employees, as well as those who live and work in our developments, remain safe and secure during the pandemic,” TLDC Chief Executive Officer Tomas P. Lorenzo said in a statement.

Under the company’s flexible work arrangement scheme, employees are allowed to work at home if they can complete their tasks remotely.

Transport service is provided to employees who need to be physically present at the office.

TLDC also implemented the digitization of various administrative processes that were previously done manually. “Paper transactions are part and parcel of any corporate operation, but we have fully embraced technology to minimize this and ensure our people can secure necessary documentation for their tasks from wherever they work,” Mr. Lorenzo.

All TLDC employees are required to wear both masks and face shields at the office. Meetings are conducted virtually, while COVID testing is regularly conducted for all employees and support staff.

For employees and outsourced service providers going to TLDC properties, the company provides free lodging as well as subsidized meals to help ensure their safety and security.

For clients, TLDC has kept digital channels such as its social media accounts open to respond to queries and requests. Its projects can be viewed through walkthrough videos, while the contact center is available to receive concerns six days a week.

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