Planning to view a property? Here’s how to safely go to a physical site viewing during the pandemic

Posted December 18, 2021

Safety Protocols on Site Visits People who are looking to buy a property can now safely view potential homes in person with strict safety protocols in place. Image from:

If you’re planning to buy a property, one of the most efficient ways to assess if a property is for you is through personal viewing. But when COVID-19 happened, the real estate sector quickly turned to virtual and 360° tours. While going virtual allows people to attend open houses without leaving their homes, the experience of personally looking at your future home is something that a lot of people consider important in their home buying journey. It also allows you to ask questions on the spot to the property consultant who knows the property inside out.

The good news is, with the quarantine protocols starting to relax and more people getting vaccinated, safe viewing of a future home is now possible. This is the perfect time to invest in a property as real estate prices are expected to recover in the next 3-5 years. With this, property developers are now commencing model unit viewing with safety protocols in place. 

If you’re looking to buy a home like a condo unit, how can you reduce risks and keep yourself safe while personally viewing properties?

1. Book an appointment

Most viewings nowadays don’t accept walk-in guests anymore. Developers usually require attendees to pre-book a slot online. This is to ensure that social distancing is in place and not too many people are in the same room at any given time. Thus, plan your visit ahead of time. It’s best to book a slot on weekdays to get ahead of a possible weekend crowd. You can easily do this by reaching out to your property consultant and stating the date and time that you plan to come. Don’t forget to mention if you’re bringing a companion and how many so the property consultant can take note of this during your visit. Remember to come on time during your schedule so as not to disrupt the social distancing measures in place. If you’re running late, notify your property consultant right away so he/she can make adjustments.

2. Utilize virtual presentations

Before coming to the viewing, it would be helpful if you look at the virtual tours of the properties that you’re interested in first. This way, you get to scrutinize the images and select which units you are truly interested to view in person. While you’ll also do a physical tour of the property, watching the virtual tour can help you take note of the things that you might want to ask your property consultant about the unit like a certain finish or lighting. It will also help you minimize the time you’ll spend in the visit because you already have a prior preview of the property.

3. Safety protocols

Upon arrival at your preferred time and schedule for property or condo viewing, always observe safety protocols. You’ll accomplish a health declaration and contact tracing form, have your temperature checked, and be requested to sanitize before entering the property. Refrain from any physical contact with your property consultant. Don’t hug or shake each other’s hands and only greet each other from a safe distance. Property consultants onsite are also usually fully vaccinated for the clients’ peace of mind.

4. Avoid touching surfaces in the house

During viewing, it might be tempting to touch items instinctively such as doorknobs, wall finish, countertop, and furniture. While it’s important to check certain items physically, try to avoid touching surfaces to reduce health risks. If you must really touch to check a surface, you may opt to bring some gloves to be more cautious. Don’t forget to wash your hands and sanitize after.

5. Walk around the neighborhood

The neighborhood where your future property is located is just as important as the unit itself. Instead of taking a car to check around the community, why not walk instead? It’s not only safer because of open air, but you will also get a chance to have a feel of the location and the establishments surrounding it. With walking, you can get a sense of how safe it is to go out in the area and if the daily essentials are truly accessible.

6. Choose a trusted developer

When going to an open house, choose a trusted and quality developer. More than just the unit itself, take into account if the developer has good hygiene and sanitation practices in place. Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation (TLDC) has a dedicated and well-trained property management team to keep the building amenities and common areas in order for the peace of mind of unit owners and residents. 

A good developer prioritizes your health and safety and would sanitize the units before and after each viewing. Ensure that the developer follows the appointment schedule and doesn't gather large groups of people in one place.

When making a big purchase like a property, most people want to see in-person what they’re buying before making the decision. Amidst the pandemic, viewing of potential homes safely is very doable. Property developers have safety protocols in place to make the property buying process more efficient for investors.

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