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Torre Lorenzo Development Corp. continues to develop communities that aim to upgrade the lifestyles of the emerging affluent.
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Practical Tips For A First-Time Condo Buyer
May 3, 2018

There are a lot of things to consider when buying a condo unit. For first-time buyers, it’s not just about the price, but also the unit itself. Convenience and accessibility are an important factor. You wouldn’t want to avail something which isn’t on par with standards, which is why we had listed down a few tips to help you on getting a great deal out of your unit:

 1. Always have the location in mind.

It’s just natural to look for convenience, like living near your work or school, for example, to eliminate the hassle of long travels. Surely, you would like to stretch out and relax after a long tiring day at work (or at school), and having a nearby unit would enable you to achieve that in no time. This isn’t just limited to convenience, though, as accessibility will also play an important role when choosing a condo unit. Malls, government offices, hospitals, police stations, you name it, anything that would tend to your needs and requirements. Keep in mind that having these establishments nearby would be a practical choice, as you’d never have to spend for fare or gas money; they’re just a few steps away.

 2. Never settle for a single choice.

Always remember that there are countless options when it comes to buying your own condo unit, you shouldn’t be limited to only one. It’s your own hard-earned money that we’re talking about here; hence, you are entitled to spend it on a very wise decision, in this case, a unit which would fulfill your needs. Learn to ask around, negotiate, and discuss your options with various representatives. If you find the one that fits achieves all your pre-requisites then go for it! While you are definitely looking for a great deal which wouldn’t hurt your savings, you are free to choose the payment options as well.

 3. Consider getting a property consultant.

Doing so may help you in saving a lot of money, while at the same time, being able to avail your dream condo. Not only would you be assisted in finding a condo that will suit your budget and needs, the consultant may also facilitate the loan arrangements and even secure a deal to your own advantage. Think of it as having a middleman that would analyze all the negotiations for you, keeping you one step ahead in every deal.

With all of these in mind, you’re finally ready to settle down at your own condo unit. If you are looking to experience only the best when it comes to quality condos look no further than Torre Lorenzo. Feel free to contact us via 86-TORRE (86773) or visit our website at https://www.torrelorenzo.com for more information.

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