Torre Lorenzo kicks off milestone 25th anniversary

Posted March 21, 2024

By: Torre Lorenzo

tldc makati employees

Employees gathered at the Lapanday Center, Makati City, and the Guest House at Tierra Davao as Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation (TLDC) kickstarted its 25th Anniversary on February 26, 2024 to celebrate more than two decades of achievements.

Chief Human Resources Officer Ms. Cecilia Casas opened the first town hall of the year, while TLDC Chief Operations Officer Cathy Casares-Ko shared the revitalized vision, mission, and core values that will serve as a guide as the Company moves forward to the next 25 years. Business Development Managers Raymart Yap, Weng Taguinod, and Monica Lorenzo showcased the exciting projects to come in 2024.

“TLDC’s culture is all about quality and doing it right,” said TLDC CEO Tomas Lorenzo. “It’s heartwarming when people approach us and tell us that they have second and even third generation residents who are with us. I think that’s lasting legacy. We’ve been around for 25 years – 25 years of doing it properly.”