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Torre Lorenzo continues to develop communities that aims to upgrade the lifestyles of the emerging affluent.
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Premium Investment In Your Portfolio
Student residents’ needs are top priority in Torre Lorenzo’s premium university residences.
Student residents’ needs are top priority in Torre Lorenzo’s premium university residences.

There are certain factors that attract investors to a particular property.

Some are on the lookout for safe and secure spaces to live in, while  some are drawn to a development’s location and accessibility. Some are  drawn to dependable property management or first-class amenities, while  others are looking for investment vehicles to add to their portfolios  that can bring in recurring income.

This particular property developer offers all of these—and maybe even more.

Putting value on high standards of safety, security, service, and  hygiene has proven valuable for property developer Torre Lorenzo  Development Corp.

“These translate to high property value appreciation and good rental  yields for our properties,” said Noel Rapadas, chief finance officer of  Torre Lorenzo.

“Our completed projects have experienced value appreciation of  between 30 to 50 percent from pre-selling to turnover and another 25 to  40 percent from turnover up to a five-year period,” he said.

Torre Lorenzo boasts of excellent property management practices which  ensure that all its projects retain a fresh look and feel, long after  these have been completed and turned over.

Aside from seeing to it that its buildings are well-maintained, the  TLDC Property Management team also takes care of unit leasing and  maintenance for its investors and homeowners.  All investors have to do  is snap up a suite or two and hand it over to the TLDC Property  Management for renting and upkeep.

Added Rapadas: “Our policy to retain at least 10 percent of saleable  inventory for rental income gives us the motivation to maintain these  assets to the highest standards.”

The pioneer in premium student high-rises has well-trained property  maintenance managers who are particularly hands-on in conducting regular  checks to preserve the quality  of TLDC’s units and the overall  property. “This keeps our properties in tip-top shape and helps ensure  that the value grows over time,” said Rapadas.

Another reason that makes TLDC’s premium university residences a  worthy investment is that all its developments are built in strategic,  convenient locations, which are within walking distance of universities  and schools and other key establishments such as malls, restaurants,  shops and hospitals.

To date, the property developer’s growing portfolio includes Torre  Lorenzo 1, 2Torre Lorenzo and 3Torre Lorenzo in the area of De La Salle  University and DLS-College of Saint Benilde;  Torre Lorenzo Malate,  which is near University of the Philippines Manila and St. Paul  University Manila as well as medical centers including Philippine  General Hospital, Manila Doctors Hospital and Medical Center Manila; and  Torre Central which is a stone’s throw from University of Santo Tomas.

A sixth premium university residence will soon rise in Quezon City,  near Ateneo de Manila University and Miriam College in the Katipunan  area.

Prioritizing the safety and security of their tenants is another key  factor that makes TLDC residences a reputable choice. Its  state-of-the-art security system offers a radio-frequency identification  (RFID) for every resident.

“Whenever a student-resident taps the RFID card at the main lobby  entrance, a text message will be sent to the parents informing them of  their child’s arrival at the property,” Rapadas explained. This was  meant to assure both the students and their parents that the former are  in safe hands in a Torre Lorenzo university residence.

Rapadas is confident that TLDC remains “the gold standard in premium  university residences”, which can be attributed to the developer’s  intimate knowledge of its market.

Being in touch with its market further helps TLDC live up up to its  promise of being a sound investment, especially for parents who want a  conducive and safe home away from home for their college kids.

“We continue to listen to our market, we remain watchful of trends to  anticipate new needs, and we constantly adopt new features that will  entice our buyers. We strive to exceed expectations by incorporating our  learnings from all our developments as we keep an eye on competition to  be constantly ahead.  This enables us to learn and innovate from  project to project, keeping our building features and amenities current  and even more relevant to the market,” Rapadas explained.

Over the years, TLDC has created an upgraded standard of living  especially for university students, providing the latter with living  spaces that are conducive to learning.

Units at TLDC’s premium student high-rises are each  outfitted with a  modern kitchen and private bathroom. Amenities complement a student’s  needs:  Wi-Fi-enabled study lounges, meeting and discussion rooms,  sound-proof study rooms and recreational facilities such as gyms,  swimming pools and visitors lounges.

“We embody this principle called ‘Student First’ as we always put our  students’ needs at the forefront of all amenities and services we  create,” Rapadas concluded.

Article source: business.inquirer.net

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