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Torre Lorenzo continues to develop communities that aims to upgrade the lifestyles of the emerging affluent.
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Fulfilling The Premium Living Promise
TLDC has a well-trained property management team to ensure that the quality of its premium student high-rises are preserved.
TLDC has a well-trained property management team to ensure that the quality of its premium student high-rises are preserved.

Service never stops.

At least not for this property developer, as it sees to it that its investors and residents are well taken care of even after sales.

Torre Lorenzo Development Corp. (TLDC) has a well-trained property management team which ensures that the quality of its premium student high-rises are preserved.

“After somebody purchases a unit, you just don’t leave them be,” said TLDC property management head Erwin Dizon. “There is such a thing as living experience. The property management’s task is to ensure that someone takes care of the living experience in the development.”

According to Dizon, a developer’s property management has three basic tasks: facilities management, which means maintenance not only of the amenities but also of the equipment and the common areas in the building; financial management, which involves collecting association dues from unit owners; and administrative services, to attend to the residents’ concerns while seeing to it that the building complies with the national and local government regulations.

What sets TLDC apart, however, is that everybody in the team has a clear understanding of the TLDC brand’s promise: that is, to provide premium and secure living spaces that are highly conducive for the students, and of course, to enhance property value.

Dizon shared two important mantras that had set TLDC apart from the others: EIWO (Everything In Working Order) and EISSC (Everything Is Safe, Secure and Clean).

He explained that all members of the staff in each development are trained to see to it that everything is in working order.

“If it’s not, report and fix. If the tiles are dirty, if there’s a leak, if the air con is not cooling, it’s not in working order, so you have to report it,” Dizon explained.

Any personnel who’s stationed at a specific area is also trained to  be the “king of his kingdom” which means that the employee is in charge of cleanliness, maintenance and security.

“A guard who’s stationed at the parking area is the ‘king of his  kingdom.’ If something is wrong in that area, we only go to him. If the place is dirty, it’s his duty to call maintenance or housekeeping,” Dizon said.

“We compartmentalize and make it easy for people to understand. They know what to do. They know their responsibilities,” he said about TLDC’s property management team.

However, even if a developer has such grandiose programs but people across the ranks do not understand how to execute the company’s vision, all those plans will just amount to nothing. This is why TLDC treats its employees as partners.

“We make them partners. They should understand what we want. We train them in customer service, we train them in our vision and mission, in our brand pillars like integrity and professionalism,” Dizon continued.

All the staff are involved in the decision-making process, and are made to understand house rules well so that they may address concerns and questions of residents without always having to refer to upper management.

Dizon attributes their group’s efficiency to the support from TLDC management.

“They understand our importance. Other developers just field people  to manage the building. This one understands the importance of property management in taking care of the customers,” Dizon said.

He further opined that giving the people the living experience TLDC promises translates to making investors and residents happy which, in turn, translates to more business for the developer.

“We are the carrier of the TLDC brand’s promise which is students first and safety first. We execute it. Everything that we do goes back to the brand’s promise,” Dizon concluded.

Article source: business.inquirer.net

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