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7 Air-Purifying Plants You Need In Your Condo
March 18, 2018

1. Aloe Vera
Of course, the first one in our list is also one of the most common household plants to ever exist. It is said to be one of the easiest to take care of. Its leaves are said to contain vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, etc. which is why it’s also one of the most marketed ingredients of bath soaps and shampoos. When you have a plant that has a proven track record of healing and disinfecting wounds, you know that you’re in safe hands, or roots for that matter.

2. Spider Plant
Do not be alarmed by its name, it would actually do more good than harm. If you’re a beginner when it comes to taking care of plants, then this might very well be the right one for you. Also known to purify its surroundings, they have a tendency to send out shoots with flowers, which would eventually grow into baby spider plants. It is nature’s work at its best.

3. Garden Mum
If you aren’t convinced yet about the purifying effects of plants, then take it from NASA. In their recent research, the Garden Mum was specifically heralded as a strong contender in cleaning its surroundings, removing ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, and xylene from indoor air. They can be planted outside after they're finished blooming, and above all, they can be bought at an affordable price.

4. Dracaena
Never fear about the difficulty of finding an appropriate plant to keep in your condo unit, as the Dracaena alone has more than 40 different varieties. They are characterized by their long, wide leaves that are often multi-colored with lines of white, cream, or red. Take note, however, that these are not applicable for pet owners, as they are known to be toxic to cats and dogs.

5. The Ficus or Weeping Fig
It is a low-maintenance plant which can be grown in bright, indirect light. Doing so will allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Aside from its air-cleaning abilities, it can also be taken outside in late spring and brought back indoors when temperatures are warm and well above freezing. Did we mention that it can grow from 2 to 10 feet in height? Have a few pillars of these to add elegance in your unit.

6. Peace Lily
Cute and elegant-looking, they are definitely smaller than the other plants mentioned in this list, but don’t let their size fool you, they can also clean the air with ease and are easy to grow. These plants will flower for most of the summer, which is why you should take note that they disseminate pollen and floral scents to the air, not intended for people with allergies. You may place them in a shady spot while keep the soil moist.

7. The Snake Plant or Mother-in-Law’s Tongue
We wouldn’t want dwell too much on its name origin, but we should mention that it’s one of the hardest plants to kill. It needs to be watered occasionally, though in an inverse manner, it prefers drier conditions and some sun.

 With all of these in mind, you’re finally ready to settle down at your own condo unit. If you are looking to experience only the best when it comes to quality condos look no further than Torre Lorenzo. Feel free to contact us via 86-TORRE (86773) or visit our website at https://www.torrelorenzo.com for more information.

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/UcfKYTan-LU

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