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6 Important Things to Keep in Mind when Setting Up a Workspace
December 27, 2018

You’re living the good life; you have yourself a condo unit, a space off your own, a peaceful sanctuary from the outside world. But sleeping and relaxing are activities that don’t really take up much space, and because of that you have some extra space with no urgent need for it. So what can you do with it? Why, create a productive workspace, of course!

When you’re working your way towards success, what better way to hone your skills than to be as productive at home as you are at work? But productivity can only be achieved if you have the right space available to you.

Whether it’s to go through some paperwork or finish a freelance job, you must have a good workspace to handle these things professionally. Here are a few important things to keep in mind when setting up a workspace:

 Stay away from distractions. 

As much as you love your TV or gaming equipment, try your best to keep them out of sight from your workspace. One of the biggest obstacles of working at home is the many distractions it can afford, so it’s better to completely do away with those so that you don’t waste any valuable work time thinking about them.

 Consider the light source. 

Make sure that your workspace isn’t against the light. This isn’t just about capturing the perfect selfie, but to protect yourself from eyestrain from having to squint at your computer screen for long periods of time. Ensure your workspace has an ample amount of light for a similar reason. Consider setting up next to a window or underneath a decent light source.

 Mind your posture. Get a good chair and a fairly-heighted table. 

Avoid early diagnosis of scoliosis. As the subheading says, mind your posture. Get an office chair that has a well-curved back and a soft cushion. Aside from that, you should also choose your table or work desk wisely. Make sure that everything fits on the table and that it isn’t too short or too tall for you. If your choices are limited, at least get an adjustable office chair with an armrest for support.

Too hot to work? 

Of course, you should also consider proper ventilation. Don’t position your workspace where your fan or air conditioner can’t reach. Too much heat makes for a distracted mind when you’re too busy complaining to yourself about how hot it is rather than concentrating on your work. You should be able to adjust the temperature to your liking whenever the need arises.

Organize everything. 

Keep all your work files in order, put your pens in a pen holder or mug and place your memo pads beside them. Remember, this isn’t just about finishing your work on time, this is also about doing it efficiently, and you would not be able to do that in a cluttered working space. Not only will it be difficult to find important items and files, but it can also be demotivating when you are faced with a messy table. Have a few mini containers at your disposal for your miscellaneous items like clips and tacks, and something to organize your files and folders like a box file holder or mesh file organizer. You may even want to add a little shelf beside your desk to keep those office manuals and references easily accessible.

Don’t forget to decorate. 

Keeping your workspace organized doesn’t mean that you should keep it boring. You can add a few colors on your work table, perhaps a few colorful memos at the side? How about a humorous mug to contain your pens and pencils? You may even add a picture of your goal to inspire you to work harder. The possibilities are endless. Be creative and promote productivity within you.

 With all of these in mind, you’re finally ready to settle down at your own condo-slash-workspace unit. If you are looking to experience only the best when it comes to quality condos look no further than Torre Lorenzo. Contact us via 86-TORRE (86773) or visit our website at https://www.torrelorenzo.com for more information.

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