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Torre Lorenzo continues to develop communities that aims to upgrade the lifestyles of the emerging affluent.
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5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Condo After College
November 26, 2018

So, you’re thinking about occupying a condo unit for the duration of your college life. You plan to enjoy its countless benefits during those stressful nights of reviews and thesis writing. And when you finally finish college, you’ll be ready to embark on a new journey towards your career.

But one question still remains: What will happen to your condo? Should you just leave it behind? Sell it off?

Of course not!

There are definite advantages to keeping your condo after graduation. More so, you can make the most out of it while building up your career in the outside world. Here are just a few of them:

             1) A continuous safe haven

Why move out when you can stay? Most probably, you’ve availed a condo unit at the heart of the city, and the main purpose for purchasing it was due to the fact that your university is but a stone’s throw away. The same purpose can be applied when you’re starting work after college. The thing is, your preliminary office may just be a short distance away from your condo. There are plenty of work opportunities near colleges. The ease of commute during your college days may not differ much from your work days.

             2) Rent it out

If you really need to stay elsewhere, don’t worry, there’re other uses for your condo. You can rent out your space to vacationers hoping to spend a day or two in the heart of the city. Not only would you keep your condo from becoming useless, even after college, you’d also gain another source of income.

             3) Share your space

College life brings about many wonderful learnings and beginnings. New experiences, the discovery of skills, and the beginning of lifelong friendships. After graduation, you can invite over your best friend to stay with you, given that they chip in with the monthly expenses. This arrangement is also practical, as surely, they would also be looking for a place to stay near their work. The two of you would be able to divide the cost, making it easier for the both you to save as you start your adult lives.

             4) Redecorate it

Take note, this is a lot different from “renovate.” What better way to signify a new chapter in your life than by redecorating your space? Change it up from how it looked like during your college days. A new perspective may even inspire you while you’re trying to start your career. With graduation comes maturity, and that includes expanding your comfort zone. Remember, it shouldn’t just be all about aesthetics, but practicality as well.

Speaking of practicality…

             5) Declutter your space

This may seem more like a tip to cleaning your condo rather than optimizing it, but cleanliness itself is a main factor of optimization. Throw away the things that you don’t need anymore. If you have a few college notes that may help with your career, then by all means, keep them. But those old scraps that may render your space messy rather than organized? Throw them in the bin and fully appreciate what a wide, functional space can do for your mindset.

With all of these in mind, you’re finally ready to settle down at your own condo unit. If you are looking to experience only the best when it comes to condos look no further than Torre Lorenzo. Contact us via 86-TORRE (86773) or visit our website at https://www.torrelorenzo.com for more information.

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