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5 Tips to Achieving a Harmonious Relationship with Your Roommate
December 27, 2018

Your bags are packed, the family car is running and you’re ready to face the great unknown, but not alone. Alongside you is your best friend, just as ready to face adulthood beside you and…divide the cost and the expenditures in half, of course!

Facing a new chapter in your life is always better with a companion by your side whether they are related, platonic or romantic. It will bring both of you a certain sense of comfort as you face the unfamiliar together. After all, they’re your friend, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, you’re forgetting one thing, both of you are imperfect human beings who have your own down times and mood swings. Things aren’t always going to go smoothly between the both of you. With that in mind, here are a few tips in achieving a harmonious relationship with your roommate:

Be considerate of each other’s finances.

Yes, one main reason for having a roommate is to be able to divide the cost of living, but do not go over the line when it comes to implementing “fair share.” Learn to understand each other’s financial situation as well. Not everyone gets their paycheck on time, so don’t expect machine-like precision when it comes to paying the expenses every month. Of course, both of you should do your best to adhere to whatever agreement you’ve decided upon before living together, but not every circumstance can be planned for. Be truthful when it comes to financials getting delayed and reach an agreement on how you should handle similar incidents should it come up again in the future.

 Discuss your food for the week. 

Nothing brings people closer together like food, and what’s more fun than dining together with your best friend? Well, planning out the food for the week, of course! Aside from the budget, consider each other’s preferences and allergies, discuss the daily course and figure out what would be the top pick of the month. This is especially fun on weeks with paydays, as you can splurge a bit, eating what you both love without having to worry about the price.

 Let each other know when inviting other people over to your shared unit. 

Of course, this wouldn’t be much of a problem if you have the same circle of friends, as both you and your roommate will know about the gathering before it even occurs. But what if one of you were to invite over an unfamiliar face, a relative or a long lost friend, for example? Make sure to let the other person know, so as to avoid any awkward situations and surprises.

 Exchange contact details, in case of an emergency. 

This is one of the first thing you should do when living with a roommate. In case of a burglary or other problems, one of you would immediately be able to let the other know that something came up and that they need to come over quick. Not only is this basic common sense, but it also shows your trust for one another.


Even among friends, there may be times of awkwardness and discomfort. Don’t be too shy to let the other person know that they’re making you uncomfortable, but make sure to express it in a non-offensive manner. It’s better to quickly nip whatever problems you have with the other’s habits in the bud before the two of you grow to resent each other. Proper communication is the key, and as the Filipino saying goes, “Everything can be settled with a nicely-put conversation.” Both you and your roommate are adults after all, so be mature.

Remember, these are just basic suggestions. Develop them along the way and in due time, you and your roommate will become inseparable.

With all of these in mind, you and your best friend are all set to settle down in your own condo unit. If you are looking to experience only the best when it comes to quality condos, look no further than Torre Lorenzo. Contact us via 86-TORRE (86773) or visit our website at https://www.torrelorenzo.com for more information.

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