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Star Qualities to Look for in Your Condo’s Neighborhood

When looking for a condo in Manila to rent, buy, live, or invest in --- there are several things to consider.

Location is always a given.  This simply means that the neighborhood where the condo is located needs to be clean, safe, and convenient to live in.

To be more specific, here are a few tips to remember before choosing a condo in Manila.  Let’s use the acronym: STAR.


            Most people who look for a condo in Manila are college students or parents of teens looking for a halfway home for their children.  Given the need to concentrate on school work, reducing the daily stresses of commuting is an advantage. Living in a condo near the university belt gives students more time to do things that matter.


            Good news is:  if you live in a condo in Manila, most colleges and universities are just within walking distance or a few minutes away via LRT, or the train that traverses the heart of Manila. Of course, there are other public utility vehicles available 24-7 including taxis, jeepneys, buses, and so-called UV Express cars and vans. Having an accessible transportation system is a major advantage for the student’s academic and social life.


            It goes without saying that amenities make living in a condo a delight. The swimming pool, gym, study areas, lounge, elevators, hotel-inspired lobbies, and all other amenities make a condo in Manila the only choice for college students and even young professionals who want fun, convenience, and efficiency in their daily life.


            If you’re condo is near a mall, shopping center, sports facilities, parks, and other places for rest and recreation…then you’ve got a winner.  Make sure the condo you choose affords you the lifestyle that you want and deserve. 

Indeed, choosing a condo in Manila is easy if you look for these “STAR” qualities. If you’re thinking these features are hard to find…well, all you need to do is check out projects like 2 Torre Lorenzo and 3 Torre Lorenzo.

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