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Premium lifestyle awaits the busy student

The place boasts of key amenities that are tailor-fit for the students so they can find everything they need in one place.

There’s a new hip address for students who are on the lookout for upgraded living facilities in the heart of the buzzing metro.

Torre Central Premium University Residences offers living accommodations that are accessible to the country’s premier universities and hospitals. This new place boasts of key amenities that are tailor-fit for the students so they can find everything they need in one place.

Upgraded residences

Torre Central in Sampaloc, Manila is equipped with upgraded spaces for living and learning. Facilities include generous spaces to support a healthy academic and social life including collaboration and recreation spaces, Wi-Fi enabled study areas, high-end gym facilities with a view of the nearby University of Santo Tomas (UST), indoor pool for health and fitness, multipurpose function rooms, and a basketball court for leisure.

This 31-storey building is the fourth university residence from Torre Lorenzo Development Corp. (TLDC), which is no stranger to building student residences as it is the pioneer developer of such projects.

Following the success of 1Torre Lorenzo and 2Torre Lorenzo in Taft, Manila, TLDC continues to provide prominent living residences for students in key locations in the metro.

“We’re not just building condominiums nor are we just building dormitories. We are building upgraded residences for students from outside the university area. Because with all the traffic, we want to make sure that they have an option that is very similar to their homes. That’s why we have these university condos within walking distance from the schools,” explained Tomas P. Lorenzo, chief executive officer (CEO) of TLDC.

Torre Central Premium University Residences offers prime accommodations that are accessible to the country’s premier universities and hospitals.

Unique features

Standing slick along Galicia Street, Torre Central offers a strategic location, being just a seven-minute walk to UST.

Torre Central is likewise equipped with a security system that offers radio-frequency identification (RFID) for every resident. Another unique feature of Torre Lorenzo is that whenever a student-resident taps his or her RFID access card to enter the premises, a text message will be sent to his or her parents informing them of the arrival their child.

As an added security feature, parents can dictate how many visitors their child can have in their rooms. This innovation is a result of TLDC’s dialogue with their customers.

Noel Rapadas, chief finance officer of TLDC said: “The innovations are results of our constant communication with our investors. We listen to what our customers want and what they need. Some we learn from our previous projects.”

Another Torre feature, as based on the needs and demands of its market, is the exclusive study room. The property developer noticed that students often bring friends to the study room. As a result, TLDC constructed a separate study room which is for the sole use of Torre Central’s residents.

Commercial areas are also made available in Torre Central. Banks, coffee shops, bookstores and a laundry facility are available within the building, and are meant to help improve the living experience of the student.

“As we listen to the communities we build for, we anticipate not just what they need today but what they will need in the future—and we build for their future today,” Lorenzo said.

Torre Central has 475 units which are all fully-furnished and now ready for occupancy. Unit sizes range from 16.55 sqm to 37 sqm. Each unit adheres to TLDC’s core brand of providing standards which are at par with multi-starred hotels in the country.

Property management

Aside from top-notch amenities and innovations, TLDC also takes the headache of maintenance and management of renters away from unit owners. Torre Lorenzo provides the support of a dedicated property management team that is responsive to the owner’s concerns.

“We have a very hands-on management team. Most companies just assign. But with us, you would really see our personal touch and attention to everything… We manage the project from planning to turnover and past turnover. Other developers don’t do that,” Lorenzo added.

Lorenzo places a premium on a highly-efficient property management team in every TLDC development. For him, the personal touch makes their developments unique in the burgeoning property industry.

“We manage and maintain them so that they can deliver that stand-out investment to our buyers. We also have buildings that is multi-generational residences not only for the college age but also for other members of the family,” he said.

Sound investment

Investing in any of TLDC’s premium university residences assures parents that their child will remain in good hands and will live in a great deal of comfort. However, TLDC also offers a sound investment option for the unit owners.

“The units at Torre Central are not only upgraded spaces for living and learning, but also good investment vehicles. Our experience is that the demand to rent our premium university residences is regular, making them good vehicles for recurring income,” Rapadas said.

According to Rapadas, investors are thus assured that Torre Central’s value will increase over time and that it can provide a steady cash flow for the retirement fund through the income that the parent will receive from the rent.

Other TLDC premium university residences in the pipeline include Torre Lorenzo Malate in Malvar Street, Manila, 3Torre Lorenzo in Taft Avenue, and Torre Lorenzo Loyola in Katipunan, Quezon City.

SOURCE:  / 05:42 AM March 17, 2018
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