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Must-Have Amenities for New Condo Buyers

A quick glance at Manila’s skyline would tell you the city is abuzz with excitement. Left and right, one can see new real property developments rising to the wild blue yonder.

One thing to remember: not all condos in Manila are the same. These days, quality in condo properties depend on the credibility of the developer and the characteristics of the projects they build.

Just look at the amenities offered by a condo in Manila, and you are sure to know if it it’s the right one for you.

So, if you’re on the hunt for affordable yet high class condominium properties, remember to look for these must-have features:


Study Hall and Lounge
            A good condo in Manila must have a study hall and lounge where students can review their lessons and have fun while doing so.  Since Manila is where the country’s college and university belt is found, having a hub for learning is a must-have condo amenity.


            Ask any Millennial for his or her number one need, and most likely, Wifi would be on top of the list.  Hardly surprising since today’s generation is already living as part of an information society.  They need to keep in touch with their friends here and abroad through social media and other online platforms.  Needless to say, the Internet is their key to knowledge and will continue to be an important tool for their education.

            Parents and adults, too, need to live in a wifi-enabled residence where they can keep their communication with their kids alive.  A condo in Manila that’s internet-ready is also a valuable amenity that helps with one’s work or business.

Swimming Pool & Fitness Center

            Beat the heat and get those muscles pumping when a condo in Manila has a swimming pool and a fitness center.  These are not just leisure facilities but are now viewed as necessities for maintaining good health.  Students and yuppies nowadays are very health-conscious. Despite their busy schedule in school or at work, they still take the time to workout to improve their looks and to have a good social activity, at the same time.


Roof Deck

Living in a well-appointed condo in Manila would not be complete without a roof deck experience. It’s a place to enjoy the sunrise and skyline early in the morning. It’s also the perfect place to have coffee or a few cold beverages at night with friends. The roof deck is more than just a level in a high rise condo. It’s a reminder of the joys and pleasures of “living on top”.

High Speed Elevators

A definite must-have are high speed elevators that that you swiftly from the ground up to your floor, and vice versa. Today’s hectic lifestyle leaves no room for a minute lost. Having high speed elevators is no longer a luxury but a daily necessity whether one is a professional rushing to the office or a student on the way to class.

24-7 Security & CCTV cameras

Sleeping peacefully in one’s condominium is only possible if you are secured by 24-7 security which includes CCTV cameras at all levels of the building. 

Smart Access at the Lobby

Security is taken several notches higher when smart access systems are in place to control the entry of people into and out of the condo.  Technology is making our lives more convenient and safer at the same time.

Fire Alarm and Sprinkler System

Safety is guaranteed when a condo is equipped with the latest fire alarm and sprinkler systems.


So, you might be asking which condo in Manila has these features, anyway?

Well, one need not look far since these amazing amenities are all found in 2 Torre Lorenzo and 3Torre Lorenzo, both premier condo projects in the heart of Manila.

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